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Where does the mean squared error come from?

The Computer Scientist's Guide to Graph Theory, ep. 02

Linear regression and the least squares problem

Linear regression (is the most important algorithm ever)

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The Computer Scientist's Guide to Graph Theory, ep. 01

The Computer Scientist's Guide to Graph Theory, ep. 00

A conversation with Alejandro Piad Morffis about education

The taxonomy of machine learning paradigms

Why are neural networks so powerful?

How large that number in the Law of Large Numbers is?

Min-Max Math, ep. 06: Proof by induction and contradiction

Is probability frequentist or Bayesian?

Machine learning is not just statistics

How does the Japanese multiplication work?

Min-Max Math, ep. 05: Proofs are (not) magic

Epsilons, no. 6: What is that Σ?

Min-Max Math, ep. 04: The (art and) science of reasoning

Min-Max Math, ep. 03: At the roots of mathematics

Min-Max Math, ep. 02: Definitions, theorems, proofs

Min-Max Math, ep. 01: What is mathematics?

How to add infinitely many numbers together?

Epsilons, no. 5: The QR decomposition

Epsilons, no. 4: The Gram-Schmidt process

Why does gradient descent work?

Epsilons, no. 3: The LU decomposition

Epsilons, no. 2: Understanding matrix multiplication

Epsilons, no. 1: The geometric series

1111111111 is a random sequence

The Law of Large Numbers

The fascinating story of the exponential function

The non-recursive formula for Fibonacci numbers

What's the meaning of the expected value?

Probabilities, densities, and distributions

Matrices and graphs