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Great conversation here. Thanks for sharing. I appreciated calling out the difference in various educational models and how they interact with philosophy. I’m trying to bring more philosophy into my engineering classes because it is an important and often missing component in my context.

The conversation about comparing learning with sports is also an important one. I tend to think that one thing we can learn from sports in an academic sense is that training is about consistent long term effort. And we need to avoid injury and care for our physical health and well-being along the way in order to flourish.

Glad to learn more about each of your stories and feel like I know you both better now. Would love to dialogue more about some of these things with you guys!

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Loved the part where you said you are not selling to optimise for maximum profit.

But rather to optimise for quality education.

We lack these nowadays.

I’ll pick up your book🫡

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Incredible Interview Tivadar, you brought out a part of Ale I've never reallly experienced.

PS: Lilla looks great.

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